Find duplicate files
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Find duplicate files. The duplicates are found by comparing SHA-512 hashsums. Right now the app uses a postgresql database.


In order to use the deduplicator you will need a working PostgreSQL installation, with a database filedb and a working database user.

Furthermore you need a JVM that can interpret java version 1.8 or newer.


The first time you run the program, a wizard will help you to create a config file (

java -jar deduplicator.jar


  • Make the app use a plaintext configuration file (done)
    • specify default fileroot to search from (done)
    • what kind of files should be compared (images, video, text..., all)
    • DB user settings (done)
    • should the app search for new files, or just continue to hash unhashed files from the db (done)
    • maybe some kind of wizard to create the config file (done)
  • Copy all unique files into a folder
    • choose different naming schemes.
  • Add the ability to compare files from different computers.
    • copy unique files to a folder on a different computer (using SSH2)